Would your little one love a birthday photoshoot at my studio in Kent? They are so much fun and It is one of my favourite milestones to document.

Your baby is turning 1!

Your baby turning one. It i one of the biggest milestones you are going to celebrate. You have spend a whole year getting to know your baby. You know them inside out, what makes them giggle, that smile you get when you walk into a room. Even that funny face they pull when they are concentrating, These are moments that you want to remember and a 1st birthday photoshoot is the perfect way to do that.

Capturing their personality

Your little one is starting to explore the world and express their personality. They are probably starting to wave, clap and even take their first steps. Allowing me to capture these proud moments is the most precious gift you can give you and your baby. Moments that will stay with you forever.

baby sitting in wooden box during a 1st birthday photoshoot in Chatham

Popular Birthday sets

If you have a preferred colour or theme in mind, let me know and I can personalise your set. I am always looking to be creative and come up with some new designs. Or, have a look through my most popular birthday photoshoot set ups for inspiration.

little girl celebrating her first birthday with a photoshoot in Kent
baby girl sitting with cake during a cake smash photography session in Chatham
birthday boy sitting on wooden bed during a birthday photoshoot in Kent
baby, cake and balloons photographed during a cake smash in Kent

Personalise your birthday shoot

I am always looking to make your birthday photoshoot personal to you. You can take one of my basic set and add to it. The tipi set looks great with flowers if you want it more girly. If you want the bunting in a different colour or want to add a few balloons, just ask.

Birthday Montage

With every birthday shoot, you get a beautiful montage print of your favourite images. The perfect keepsake to remember their 1st birthday. 

election or images from birthday photoshoot in Kent

Lets get planning

I hope this has given you some ideas. Lets start planning your little ones birthday shoot today. We can talk, colours, themes and I can advice you what outfits will go with your chosen theme. Cakes can be added for a small fee if you want to make it a cake smash. Click here for information on prices.  

Lets get started

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