This week has been particularly hard for me, having to reschedule my photoshoots, in the knowledge that some will never get those precious bump photos they were hoping for.

On a positive note, I am going to give you some top tips on how you can take your own amazing bump photos at home. Ok, so you are not going to get the same professional quality as you would from my studio, however, you can document your pregnancy, create some lovely memories and hopefully have a bit of fun too. You can take them on your phone or on a digital camera. To make your photos really pop, try some of the excellent free editing apps like Snapseed or VSCO.


First thing you need to understand is, light is everything in photography. If you have ever shone a torch under your chin you will notice you create a haunting, scary look, also known as horror lighting. We don’t want this! Light is most flattering when it comes from above from a 45 degree angle. If you have ever had bump photos with me, you will notice I use natural window light, its gentle and flattering. So choose to photograph your bump near a big window. Avoid direct sunlight as it will be to harsh. A bright, cloudy day, either in the morning or late afternoon is perfect

If you want to try some outside, choose late afternoon when the light is golden. If you shoot in the middle of the day and the sun is out, choose a shady spot to avoid harsh shadows and squinting.

Set up your space

You can do this in your living room or bedroom, make sure you move anything distracting from the background. You might like to use a plain wall or if you have a beautiful wall paper, use that as your backdrop. Alternatively you could hang a up a sheet, just clip it tight to reduce creases.

If you want a more lifestyle look, you could take your bump photos in the nursery and incorporate a baby grow hanging in the background or name blocks on a shelf.


Get someone to photograph you either side on or 3 quarters and bend you front leg to create a flattering shape. Remember, you don’t have to be smiling at the camera, look at your bump and capture that connection.

What to wear

If your feeling brave, try it in your underwear or add a silk robe. If you prefer to be dressed then try leggings and vest top, it will show of your beautiful shape. Avoid patterns as they can be distracting.

mum and daughter

Get creative with your bump

Get the paint out and have some fun. I was due with my second child over easter, so I thought it would be fun to get my 3 year old daughter to paint my bump like an easter egg. She loved it, as a result I got some amazing bump photos which my children love to look back at.

Easter baby bump

Don’t forget the details

If you know the sex of your baby, how about put a pink or blue ribbon around your bump. Balance booties on your bump or make a heart. Above all, have fun with this and make some great memories to share with your newborn.

Share with us

Finally, I hope you have found this useful. I would love to see your photos so please share them in the comments or on my facebook page

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