Your baby session

This is your time

You have just done the most amazing thing – at the strangest time. You’ve welcomed your beautiful new baby into the world in the middle of a global pandemic.  

I really feel for you amazing strong women who delivered your babies at this time. Your anxiety over delivering in hospital, and then the isolation that followed- not being able to see friends and family – must have been a very emotional time.  

But you came through it and when you look at your new baby, nothing else really matters. 

I know you have missed out on so much, including your newborn photoshoot. Which is why I have been working really hard to make your session so special. Photographs tell a story. I want you to be able to sit with your child in a few years time and show them their images. The images that tell a story about the time when the world paused.  

Your baby is now becoming more alert to the world around them and starting to show their personality. You know your baby so well now, what they like, the colours they suit, the many faces they pull. And thats what I want to capture for you. This time as your baby is waking up to a new normal.  

I have curated a variety of poses which are ‘typically newborn’ but which are suitable for older babies too and I have invested in some beautiful new knitted rompers and hats to preserve that ‘newborn’ feel to my images. And of course, the huge advantage is that many mums feel so tired in the first few weeks that being photographed is not something they feel comfortable with. Now, that you have had time to adjust, you might want to consider being in some of the photos. It is the most wonderful gift to your baby to exist in their portraits. Looking back on your own family snaps, I’m sure the ones you cherish the most are the ones where you are with loved ones.   

So I hope that you won’t be disheartened at having had to postponed your shoot, but instead feel excited and embrace the opportunity to get some beautiful photos of your baby at this wonderful age.

This is your time.


Top Tip For Older Babies

Practice Tummy Time

My favourite pose for older babies, is to have them on their tummy, looking up all wide eyed. So practice tummy time with your baby so that they are comfortable and happy in this pose.

Safety – what I am doing to make your session safe


The safety of my clients is my priority. The great thing about babies, is they are fabulous to photograph at any age, missing out on the newborn stage means you get smiles and great interaction.  I have a long list of clients wanting photoshoots, but I will not be rushing to fit as many as I can in one day and compromise your safety. Instead I have set out some guidelines to minimise the risk:

  • At least 24hours between photoshoots, allowing for a deep clean.
  • Hand sanitiser available and to be used regularly by clients and myself.
  • All fabric backdrops, wraps and outfits to be cleaned after every shoot
  • Props to be cleaned and disinfected after use.
  • Clients must not visit the studio if anyone in their household has symptoms of Covid-19. I will happily reschedule your shoot.
  • I also, will have to cancel if anyone in my household shows symptoms of Covid-19. 

Please follow this link to read my full safety policy on Covid-19


I look forward to meeting you and your little one to create some amazing memories. If you would like to book a provisional date for your session, please contact me.

If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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If you have any questions or concerns about you shoot or would just like to discuss it in more details, please contact me.