So you are thinking about a newborn session… or you have already booked one.

You have gone through examples of photographs and galleries and you know you will get gorgeous images of your precious baby from it.

But what happens behind the scenes, while those photos are taken?

How does the session work?

Even if you have had a newborn session before, chances are it probably passed by in a blur, due to new baby excitement, coupled with sleepless nights and the passage of time.

Or maybe this is your first baby, and you are feeling a little nervous at the thought of handling your tiny bundle of joy over to someone else.

Newborn sessions: Styling and how to prepare

When you book, you’ll be sent a prep guide with some handy tips to follow to ensure a smooth session, so you will arrive nicely prepared at my warm and cosy studio, with your baby fed and content.

Beforehand we will also have discussed styling, I have SO many gorgeous props to choose from and it’s great to have your input!

photographs of newborn props in Kent

The day of the session

I am always so excited to welcome families to the studio, that’s where the magic happens!

Now is your chance to sit back and relax (even a snooze if you like!) while I work my magic.  You will be close to your baby at all times.

Sessions are completely baby led and every baby is different!  Some will settle straight away while others think sleep is for wimps! 

This is why I allow 2-3 hours for a session, to factor in settling and soothing time as well as any top up feeds.

Each session is tailored to the individual needs of the baby. Your baby’s comfort and safety is always my priority.  If your baby isn’t happy in a certain pose or position then I will move on to the next.

newborn baby boy laying in a heart shaped blue blanket during a newborn photoshoot in Kent

Capturing the cuteness

Swaddling is a key tool for newborn session, wrapping your baby means they will feel safe and is the fastest way to help them fall asleep, so I will usually start this way, capturing gorgeous images of your little one in containers at the beginning of the session, slowly progressing to naked/lightly covered shots once they are more deeply asleep. 

This also allows me to pose them without disturbing them. Some parents find this part WAY too cute, so be prepared! It’s normal to shed a few tears – I’ve even had some Dad’s with ‘something in their eyes’.

I take my time and move carefully and gently; coaxing baby into the gorgeous, curled up, sleepy images you may have seen on my website.

newborn baby girl wrapped up in cream wrap, cuddling a teddy on a white fluffy rug. Photographed during a newborn photoshoot in Kent

Once I have captured enough images for a beautiful gallery then comes the hard part, me giving you back your baby!  Joking aside, after your session your images join my editing queue, and I will arrange your viewing and ordering appointment so you can choose which you would like to buy.

The secret to enjoying your photos… Forever!

Have you ever lost any photos, mp3 or other file that were “safely” stored on you on your phone or laptop?

I have!

This is why I have created a selection of printed products specifically thought for newborn and baby photography: we all want to be able to share our images with friends and family in a digital format.

Prints, albums and wall art, however, are what guarantees that in 30 years from now you (and your children) will still be able to look back at these memories… and enjoy them.

During the session you will also have the chance to take a look at some of my wall art and products, displayed in my studio, which may help you decide how you would like to display your finished images.

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