So you have booked your newborn photoshoot and are so excited to get some beautiful photos of your new baby.

But have you thought about where you might like to display these photos? In your living room? Babies nursery?

What colours are going to work well with your decor?

What products go with your style? Rustic framed prints? Sleek acrylic orbs?

Too many questions? Let me walk you through it..

Baby boy curled up on a blue blanket with jet black hair, photographed in Kent

Why are colours important?

Just like when you choose your sofa, mirror or coffee table. Your photos are part of your home decor. They not only represent fantastic memories but also become part of your home and need to reflect your style. Is you home light, airy and minimalistic? Then dark rich tones are not going to suit you. Similarly, if your style is warm and rustic, then cool greys and crisp whites are not going to work for you.

Styling is one of my favourite parts of my job. Before your session I will take care in working with you to create beautiful set ups that reflect you and your family.

I have a style guide that gets sent out when you book. If you would like me to send you a copy before you book, please contact me.

What colours do you have?

Gone are the days of blue for boys and pink for girls. We now have a ray of colours to choose from and so many shades. You might not think green is for a girl, but when you see it in action, it is actually a really beautiful tone and very versatile. It goes with a lot of decor because it is subtle and can be paired with creams and other neutral colours. You can visit my newborn gallery to see a variety of these colours in use.

collage of newborn babies photographed by newborn photographer in Kent

Choosing your colour pallet

It is very easy to get carried away and say lets have some blue set ups, pink set ups and a bit of red as it is nearly Christmas. Which is fine, but if you think about them as an end product, its much nicer to have images that complement each other. My advice would be, choose two or three colours that work together. Ideally, I use a staple colour and team it with a neutral or colours of a similar shade.

In Ava’s photoshoot, we have used sage green as our staple colours and paired it with cream. These images work in harmony with each other and can be displayed a multi frame.

newborn baby wall art

Adding texture

Once you choose your colours, I will look at texture and tones. I have some beautiful soft organic wraps, cosy woollen curls, delicate lace and rustic burlap.

I also have, hand knitted rompers, soft knitted bonnets and delicate headbands in a ray of colours. The choice is endless!

baby swaddled in brown blanket laying in a basket during a photoshoot in Kent

Why choose wall art?

You have gone through the exciting process of having your newborns photos taken and you are absolutely in love with them!

It might be easy to say, lets just have them all on a usb and then I can decide want I want to do with them later. But life gets in the way, your new tiny human has taken over your life and all of a sudden a year has passed and they are still sat on a usb.

This is something I am definitely guilty of doing!

Having your photos proudly displayed on the wall will bring joy to your day. Your baby will also love seeing themselves. You will be shown examples at your viewing session so you don’t need to make any decisions before your shoot, but it is worth thinking about.

For more information about my newborn sessions please click here. You can also gain an insight to a newborn session by reading my blog, Behind the scenes of a newborn session.

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