Would you love to have a photo of you newborn snuggled in your arms but worry you won’t look and feel your best?

Being in you baby’s photos is usually the last thing on a parents mind when planning their newborn session. For most it’s not even a consideration.

I am about to tell you why you might want to consider having photos with your newborn, if not for you but your baby.

black and white image of mum kissing babies head photographed in kent

Worried you won’t look and feel your best? 

You have just had a baby and its been a whirlwind. Its not just the sleepless nights, you have been handed this tiny human with no rule book. No amount of preparation can prepare you for the emotional rollercoaster that you find yourself in. Mums often worry about the bags under thier eyes and excess baby weight, I get it, I have been there. I cried before, during and after my own newborns shoot, I was an emotional wreck, but now I look back with fondness over our family images.

Dads too, often find the thought of posing for photos a bit awkward. Although I have to say, dad and newborn images are nearly always my favourite, something just magical seems to happen when dad holds his newborn in his arms.

dad kissing newborn baby photographed in Kent

Why be in your newborn photos? 

All my parent and newborn images are in black and white. Why, because I find them intimate and timeless, it also hides blemishes and is extremely flattering.

Your newborn will never be that size again, even after a few weeks you will be amazed how quickly they change, these moments are really precious. It is more than just a photo, it may sound like a cliche but an image really does speak a thousand words.

Think about when you look at a photo of your grandparents or your parents when they were young, how special is that for you to see, think how your baby is going to feel when they look back at these.

I will pose you and light you in a way that is flattering and I will often have you looking at your newborn so there is not need to worry about that awkward grin. I just capture the moment and that can be something really special. Sibling love it too, so get them involved. 

mum, dad and sister cuddling baby brother photographed in Kent

Magic moments

I will never pressure anyone into having their photo taken and there are other ways you can be included without showing your face. My most popular pose your newborn in your hands. You can also have their feet cradled in your hand to remember how tiny they were.

Parent photos don’t take long and we often just take a few at the end of your session as a bonus, so you will still get time for all your newborn images too.

baby curled up in mum and dads hands during a baby photoshoot in Kent

Get in touch

There are so many ways that you can be a part of your newborns session so please contact me to discuss any fears you have and let me put you at ease. Trust me, it will be worth it.

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I would love to know your thoughts, have you had a parent and newborn sessions with me, how did you find it?