Are you looking to book an outdoor family photoshoot, but unsure what to wear?

Well don’t worry, I am going to highlight a few thing you might need to consider. What you choose to wear can have a big impact on the overall look and feel of your photos.

outdoor family photoshoot girl and boy sitting in tree

Where are you going to display your outdoor family portrait?

This is a really important one and often over looked. You will need to consider which room you want your family portrait to be displayed in and what the colour scheme and overall feel of the room is. Is it a room with warm tones, rustic wood furnishings, browns and creams? If so, you might want an autumn photoshoot with rich warm tones that will complement the feel of the room. Alternatively, if you room is light and airy with grey or cool neutral tones, you may want to consider a spring or summer photoshoot.

If your room is neutral, it can be a great way to add a splash of colour. You could have a bluebell shoot all wearing neutral colours to really emphasis the colour in the bluebells and make that a staple colour in your room.

outdoor family photoshoot girl sitting in bluebell wood

Choosing your colour scheme

Some colours work better in certain seasons. So you may need to consider this when booking your photoshoot.

  • Spring – Pastel colours, light blue, green and yellow will give a fresh feel.
  • Summer – Very similar to spring, pastel colours, pale pinks, light blue, rose gold
  • Autumn – Warm tones, browns, mustard, creams, beige and gold.
  • Winter – Deep jewel colours like red, teal, mulberry and green.

Classic and timeless

If you are not sure where you are going to put your photos, you may want to opt for a neutral colour palette like grey, white or cream. This will make your portrait more versatile and timeless. Equally, denim is a great base colour. It goes with any season and can be a great way to add texture and break up colour.

outdoor family photoshoot boy and two girls in bluebells

What not to wear for your outdoor photoshoot

Your family should be the focus of your portrait so avoid anything distracting like brand logos or character t-shirts. The same goes for bold patterns, instead wear pin stripes or subtle checks if you do want to go for details.

Dressing the whole family

You can choose a colour theme, without all wearing the same colour. In fact, by wearing colours that complement each other, rather than the same colour, can actually enhance your photo. For example, having one person in pale blue, anotherĀ in pale pink and throw in some denim, white or grey and you will have a nice mix of colours that give a fresh light and airy feel.

Finally, make sure you are comfortable. If you dress your children is something that is too restricting and uncomfortable then they are not going to be happy and likely to result in grumpy photos. Your clothes need to reflect the character of your family so don’t try to go too formal if its not your usual style.

Please have a look at my gallery of outdoor family photoshoots to get some inspirations.

I hope this guide has given you lots to think about. Have fun planning your outfits and if you are still unsure, feel free to ask me.

Don’t forget, when I am not outside, I am in my studio photographing newborns, children and families.

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