After a tough few months, let’s celebrate our family with an outdoor mini photoshoot in the beautiful Walderslade woods location. After several months of fear and uncertainty, we are starting to see a bit of hope and positivity. I have been given the green light to start photographing outdoors and I will be starting off with mini shoots. Exciting as this is, I will still be following the social distancing rule and remain 2 metres away from you. Luckily, I have a long lens and will be able to do so.

What is a Outdoor Mini Photoshoot

Our outdoor mini photoshoots are a great way to get a few lovely photos without having to book a full session. Mini sessions are held in one location on a specific day and you are given a 30 min time slot to have a handful of beautiful photos taken. It is perfect for those who just want a few images, maybe a family portrait and then one of each of the kids. It is almost like a taster session if you haven’t had a photoshoot before or if you have a smaller budget. Also, a great chance to create some personalised gifts for grandparents to show how much you have missed them.

girl dancing in field


My outdoor mini photoshoot will take place in the Walderslade woods area. The chosen location will be in open space but surrounded with greenery and you can expect shots like the ones in the photos. I will position you in the shade so we don’t get any squinty eyes and heavy shadows. The best time of day is after 6pm, when the light is low and what we call ‘the golden hour’. I understand that will not suit all small children so I will offer afternoon slots starting from 3pm so we avoid the harsh midday sun.

What to wear

When choosing what to wear, consider everyone in the photo and choose a colour scheme. You don’t all have to wear the same colour but it helps if you choose colours that complement each other. Avoid all wearing patterns that might clash. Logos or character tops can also be distracting. Classic and simple clothing like denim and white always look great. It is also a good idea bring something warm to put on in-between shots if it is a bit chilly.

girl with wind in her hair


I have been following the governments guidance over the last few months and my priority is making sure I can photograph your family safely. As social distancing rules are still in place, I will be using a long lens to allow me to be at least 2 metres away. That also means, I can only photograph members of family from the same household as you will be in close contact.

girl in blossom tree

What is included

  • 30 minute session in or around Walderslade woods, exact place given upon booking.
  • 3 Hi-res digital images to download. You will be shown a gallery of around 10 images to choose from.
  • The option to purchase additional prints or gifts.
  • All this for just £75

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Think you might prefer a full photoshoot instead?

A full photoshoot, is 1 hour long and personalised to you. We discuss the location you want, we will discuss the style, outfits and props you might want to include and we will move to a few different areas in your chosen location to add variety. This is best when you want larger family groups and lots of individual shots. If you think you would prefer this then please see my outdoor photoshoots page.  Or contact me here

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